Spinning Pole


Ever wanted to spin smoothly, as you twirl around a pole? At Spinning Pole class you will learn the fundamentals of how to execute moves and combos on an unlocked spin pole. Separate from our PoleFit syllabus, which focuses on the use of a static pole, Spinning Pole unlocks (quite literally) a new genre of pole dance fitness. Think fabric flying in the wind and flowy movement as you gracefully manoeuvre up and down the pole. Spinning pole classes are splt into two levels; Beginner-Intermediate classes are suitable for those without prior pole experience up to polers who are aiming to nail the foundations of spinning pole whilst Intermediate-Advance classes work on combos and movements for more experienced polerinas.

Class Fees

  • 1 Credit
    60-minute Fit & Flex, Handstand Basic
    60-minute Exotic Chair, Exotic Lo-Flow, Lyrical Jazz
    90-minute Pole/ Aerial Access
  • 2 Credit
    60-minute Pole Beginner, Spinning Pole, Exotic Pole, Lyrical Pole
    60-minute Aerial Hoop/ Silk Beginner, Aerial Hoop Lo-Flo, Acro Adagio
    75-minute Cirque Kids
  • 3 Credit
    60-minute Bungee Workout
    90-minute Pole Intermediate Advance, Advance, Routine
    90-minute Aerial Hoop/ Silk Intermediate, Aerial Routine.

What to wear

  • Shorts that expose the knees and thigh
  • No body lotion
  • No footwear required

Private Session (60mins)

Available to suit you day & time! Please contact us here.



  • 1 credit – MYR 35
  • 2 credits – MYR 70
  • 6 credits – MYR 180
  • 12 credits – MYR 350
  • 26 credits – MYR 600
  • 40 credits – MYR 900

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