Fit & Flex


This class focus on building core strength, increase endurance and flexibility through a variety of exercises. Students will learn to use own body weight in proper and safe technique to increase their strength and flexibility and take it to the next level, with no additional cost of equipment.

As pole & aerial students progress to an advanced levels of class, the demand on the body is increased for endurance to complete prolonged combinations. Through strengthening and conditioning exercises, it helps to prevent injuries and enhance performance for students.

Suitable for any level and experience.

Do I need it if I’m not a pole and aerial student?

Dancers or not, all adults can benefit from the class. Fit & Flex helps to improve base strength that can be lost over time due to busy schedules and sedentary lifestyles. We focus on muscle strength endurance and flexibility to increase range of motion and decrease pain. By knowing the correct exercises, you can do it anywhere – your own home, or even during vacations.

Class Fees

  • 1-Credit Classes – Flyoga, Yoga, Fit& Flex, Contemporary Jazz
  • 2-Credit Classes – Pole Beginner, Exoticpole, Aerial Silk Beginner, Aerial Hoop Beginner
  • 3-Credit Classes – Pole Intermediate/Advance, Aerial SIlk Intermediate/Advance, Aerial Hoop Intermediate/Advance, Aerial Master Class

Private Session (60mins)

Available to suit you day & time! Please contact with us for more info.


Nana Shan


Isabelle’s life has taken a lot of amazing u-turns over the last 40 years. At the age of 15, immediately after moving from Cuba to the US in 1976, Isabelle has begun to seek what her professional career may be.



  • 1 Credit – MYR 35
  • 2 Credits – MYR 70
  • 6 credits – MYR 180
  • 12 credits – MYR 350
  • 26 credits – MYR 600

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