Pole Dance Fitness

You’ve seen it in movies, talent competitions, youtube and even your social media feed. Learn the dance and fitness artform that has risen in popularity worldwide since the early 2000s. Pole dance, pole sport, pole art or pole fitness, whichever your choice, Viva Vertical is the trusted name to learn how to pole in a safe and supportive environment.

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Aerial and Cirque

The circus is in town; paving the way for your foray into modern circus arts, aerial art/fitness will give you the opportunity to dance in the air doing poses and spins on different apparatusses. Our instructors are well trained aerialists and acrobatic/gymnastic coaches who will guide you through the process of overcoming your fears and drilling your body to achieve gravity-defying feats.

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Dance and Fitness

Dance and Fitness classes at Viva Vertical are designed to help our students improve on their strength, stamina, flexibility and choreography. Focusing on what we do best, here you will find the classes to condition your body for better all round fitness/stretch as well as classes that teach techniques and routines for exotic dance and graceful and/or acrobatic movement.

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Bungee Workout

If you have never taken a pole dance class, this is the class for you. Here, you will learn the fundamentals of pole dance techniques.

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