Viva Vertical Competition and Student Showcase — celebrating 10 years of dance education

On Saturday was our in-house competition pitting fourteen contestants against one another in a battle of strength, flexibility, musicality and artistry. With their own choreography they competed for the titles of pole fit male, pole fit female, pole art, aerial silks champion, best costume and audience choice. Our four judges were: Shan @ Nana Liew manager of Viva Vertical, Samantha @ Miko Yee our master trainer, Reiko Soo of Dreams Dance Studio and Vee Lea, the founder of Viva Vertical.

Noah Yap in his comedic routine that clinched both the Pole Fit (male) and Audience Choice awards

As the finale was a performance by the team from the aerial master class, where the senior aerialists awed the audience with overlapping acrobatics and dance to top off this incredible night.

Our students from the aerial master class in action

Sunday was our student showcase, and the crowd had sufficiently warmed up from the previous day, cheering enthusiastically as the dancers impressed with drops from daring heights and impossible tricks.

Mai Ukaji and Sheila Yew La in a breathtaking duet

Our students have been preparing for this weekend for the last two months. They embraced their nerves and turned it into showmanship, truly taking their pieces to the next level on the night. The teachers watching from the side wings were jittery with nervous anticipation as their students took to the stage, testament to the emotional investment of both students and teachers.

Stylistically ranging from dramatic to sensual to comedic to theatrical to melancholy, the versatility of each apparatus used was apparent, seeming to provide limitless options for creativity. We are proud of our students for disguising the physical challenges of pole, hoop and silks beneath beauty.

The captivating Fiona May in her sensual number that won her the Pole Art title

A big thank you to our sponsors: KT Luxurious, Creative Events Solution, Aerial Arts Academy, and Dreams Dance Studio. We would also like to thank all students, teachers, judges, crew, audience and every one who made our event a success.


Winners of the competition:

Pole Fit (male) — Noah Yap (champion), Alan Lim (runner up)

Pole Fit (female) — Jax Burditt (champion), Shernes Syer (runner up)

Pole Art  — Fiona May (champion), Mei Yee (runner up)

Best Costume — Alan Lim

Aerial Silks — Mindy Yoong

Audience Choice — Noah Yap